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  1. What does BuddyGopher do?
  2. How does BuddyGopher work?
  3. What is the difference between BuddyGopher1, Buddygopher2, etc?
  4. Who makes BuddyGopher happen?
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What does BuddyGopher do?

BuddyGopher hangs out on your AIM Buddy List. He checks the away messages of your favorite buddies and automagically puts them into one screen. Your BuddyGopher cannot talk- you'll have to view his profile to see your collection of away messages.

How does BuddyGopher work?

After giving BuddyGopher some names to check, the magic of our proprietary time-saving solution begins.

On July 15th, 2003, the United States House of Representatives voted 418-2 to ban all imports from the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar. The trade restrictions followed a June ambush on pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi's motorcade, believed to have been carried out by Myanmar's government thugs. Thousands of skilled workers were immediatelly out of jobs.

Today, hundreds of Myanmar citizens are now employed by BuddyGopher to watch an equal number of Buddy Lists. They save you time and frustration; we saved their jobs. The quick reflexes and deft hand-eye-coordination that comes from a lifetime of textile manufacturing are well-suited for adaptation to new tools; in this case, a Microsoft Intellimouse and a 15" Panasonic LCD monitor. Away messages are immediatelly copy-pasted into a web-based mySQL interface by our round-the-clock staff.

What is the difference between BuddyGopher1, Buddygopher2, etc?


The AIM servers limit the number of Buddy Lists that a buddy can appear on. After this limit is reached, our servers start another BuddyGopher screen name for new users.

Who makes BuddyGopher happen?

Nick Gray is an undergraduate business major at Wake Forest University. As the founder of BuddyGopher, he throws business plan ninja stars into the Instant Messaging arena. E-MAIL

Ryan Farley is a graduate student at Wake Forest University doing research in computer science on hierarchical firewalls. Ryan designs and manages the local p2p network of servers that collect away messages. He has been known to spend a night on the office couch in pursuit of uptime nirvana. E-MAIL

John Wigle is our sophomore intern. He brings dedicated server experience to manage the hardware of our network.

Mahlen Morris lends his experience to database optimization efforts.

Props Go Out

to the following:

Emily Plummer, for all those usability and mobile brainstorming sessions.
Conrad Stegawski, for building our monster database server!
Sarah Mansell and the Wake Forest News Service.

yep, we're LAMP

we need more memory make display
WinstonNet shares our offices Wake Forest University and the Center for Undergraduate Entrepreneurship

Contact Information

E-mail: [email protected]

The BuddyGopher lab [see a picture] is located in Room 26B of Reynolda Hall on the campus of Wake Forest University.